Application and Removal

A P P L I C A T I O N 

- open your nail bag and try to contain your excitement as you realize how beautiful your nails are about to become. 

- compare the false nails against your natural nails to find the matching size. Each set comes with 20, or 24, nails to ensure that you can find the perfect fit for you!

*hint: there are numbers on the underside of the nails. Once you find the right fits for one hand, you can easily find them for your other hand by simply choosing the same numbers. 

- I recommend pushing back your cuticles before applying - it helps to make them look as natural as possible. 

G L U E  

I recommend working over a glue-safe surface as the glue is very adhesive. In other words, don't work over your fancy dining room table. For example, I use a designated cutting board. Newspaper and/or papertowel works fine, too. 

- if using the regular glue > remove lid from glue tube and either poke tip of glue tube with a pin, or cut off the tip with scissors.

- if using the Super Glue > simply remove lid and begin using 

- apply a generous amount of glue to your natural nail. For extra hold, and extra protection for your natural nail, apply glue to both your natural nail, and the underside of the artificial nail.

- press and hold the nail in place for ~15 seconds. 


For pre-shaped nails, you're done! It's as simple as that. For those who prefer to cut and style the nails themselves, now is the time to do so. Style as you please! 

You may have one or two nails pop off throughout their wear. Don't panic! Simply glue it back on and you're back in business! I recommend carrying your extra glue on you, just in case. 

R E M O V A L 

Near the end of their wear life, the nails become easy to pop off. However, you may end up with some stubborn clingers. I do not recommend peeling or prying the nails off - there's a risk of damaging your natural nail. Instead, try soaking your finger in nail polish remover, and/or warm soapy water - it helps loosen them up.
**Do not use nail polish remover/acetone if you intend on reusing your nails. This will wreck them.  

The following video demonstrates techniques for removing glue-on nails. 

*note, this video was not created by JEM Nails


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