About JEM Nails

JEM Nails glue-on nails are an easy and affordable way to get salon quality nails.

Pick your style and glue them on, it's really that easy!! Each set comes in a pack of 24 or 20 nails to ensure the perfect size match for your particular fingers. 

JEM Nails come in many different styles, lengths, and colours. They typically last for about a week, depending on activity, but can last as long as 2 weeks! Treat your nails well (aka, don't use them like tools) and they'll last longer!

Glue is sold separately!  Remember to include a glue in your order - I recommend the Super Glue.

Looking for something a little more durable? Try a set from our Gel Collection! These nails are hand crafted using an acrylic base and a high quality gel polish. They are then cured under an LED light. They are as durable, and long lasting, as they are beautiful! 

For application instructions, please see our "Application and Removal" page.

We also sell scrunchies! Made right here in Edmonton by a local female entrepreneur, these scrunchies will leave your hair looking as stylish as your nails! 

Questions? Please do not hesitate to contact me at info@jemnails.ca 
I'd love to chat!!