Weddings / Group Events

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W E D D I N G S 

So, you've picked the perfect matching bridesmaid dresses in the exact colour you envisioned. Their shoes match, their hair, their make up... but wait. Just as the photographer is setting up to take the beautiful pictures that you paid way too much for, you notice something while your bridesmaid adjust their holds on your well thought out flower arrangements... their nails. One bridesmaid is wearing neon green nail polish, one has overgrown, bedazzled acrylics, the other... you can't even bare to look. Is that a chip? Why is that one so short while that one is so long?! 
This isn't your dream wedding, this is a nightmare! 
Okay...maybe we're being a little dramatic. But you get the picture. We can help make your wedding party picture perfect, right down to the last pinky nail! We will ensure your bridesmaids have matching nails (colour, shape, and length!), without costing you a fortune in salon charges. Don't see a style that quite matches your colour scheme? Contact us ahead of time and we can make sure we get you exactly what you're heart desires (other than that lovely partner of yours - you've already got that all on your own). 

We have discounted group rates for weddings, and can even come apply the nails on the day of, or the day before. Whenever works for you! Contact us at with inquiries. 

G R O U P   E V E N T S 
We offer group discounts! Do you have an event coming up that just neeeeds nails? We've got you, boo. 

~ Bachelorette Party (matching floppy sun hats, matching one piece bathing suits, the only thing missing? Matching nails. Make sure those pictures are really Insta worthy).

~ Dance/Cheerleading Groups (let's really give them something to cheer about)


The possibilities are endless! Contact with inquiries.